How to start a Living Clock?

It is very simple. Whoever has a group of people and wishes to create a Living Clock will:

1. Assign one Hour (one Chapter of the book) to each person.

2. Establish how often the group will rotate to the next Hour, which could be:
• daily
• weekly
• biweekly
• or monthly

Then, after a certain agreed period, the Hour that each person is doing moves ahead to the next Hour. For example, whoever was doing the Hour from 5 to 6 P.M. (Jesus says good-bye to His Mother moves ahead to do the following Hour, from 6 to 7 P.M. (Jesus separates from His Mother).

When the Living Clock has reached up to 24 people that are seriously committed to meditating one Hour of The Passion each day, the Living Clock is set and working, for the glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

A Living Clock can get started with a few people but it cannot have more than 24 people.










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