Benefits of meditating

on the Hours of the Passion

of Our Lord Jesus Christ


The effects that we obtain when we frequently meditate on the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ are wonderful. In the history of the Church we can see countless examples of these in the lives of the saints. The most effective way to meditate on the Passion of Our Lord we have is with this wonderful book, “The Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.".

In this book, Jesus takes us by the hand and introduces us sweetly yet firmly into each one of the different moments of His passion, from the moment He says good-bye to His Most Holy Mother, which is before the beginning of His Passion, until He separates from her in the tomb.

With indescribable smoothness Jesus teaches us to live with Him every moment of His Passion, to give him true consolation and comfort, valuable reparation and thanksgiving worthy of a God, who by becoming man, lowered Himself to the deepest of our abyss.

Furthermore, Jesus places in the soul which enters into these hours, a new spirit, a new disposition, a new life, absolutely divine, until the soul comes into a continous ruminating on The Passion of Jesus throughout the day, and even more, living it in each of the circumstances of the soul’s own life.

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The soul, penetrating in these extremes of love and sorrow, begins to be transformed into Jesus, thus receiving the complete fruit that Our Lord wants to give us through His sufferings. The fruit of the original order for which we were created and which sin had snatched from us; to “Live in the Will of God", "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven,", as Jesus teaches us himself and through the Writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta.

To bring us back to the original state, place and purpose for the only reason God had created us from all eternity, for the glory of God.

Let’s list some of the effects that Our Lord mentions to the SOG Luisa Piccarreta with regards to the meditation of the Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ:



The continuous thought in the Passion forms a spring of water in the heart of the soul for the glory of God and the good of all creatures.

Vol. 11, April 10, 1913

"One who always thinks about my Passion forms a fount within her heart, and the more she thinks about It, the larger this fount becomes.  And just as the waters that spring up are waters common to everyone, in the same way, this fount of my Passion which is formed in her heart serves for the good of the soul, for my glory, and for the good of all creatures."

The Hours of the Passion constitutes the same prayers and reparations of Jesus.

Vol. 11, September 6, 1913

"My daughter... the Hours of my Passion, which are my very prayers, my reparations, and all love, have come out of the very depth of my Heart.  Have you perhaps forgotten how many times I have united Myself with you to do them together, and I have changed chastisements into graces over the whole earth?"

"O, how I would like at least one person in each city, town and country to do these meditations! In fact, it would happen, then, as if I heard My own voice and prayers in each country, and My Justice, so despised in these times, would be partly appeased."

Vol. 11, October 1914

"These Hours are the most precious of all, because they are nothing less than the repetition of what I did in the course of my mortal life, and what I continue to do in the Most Holy Sacrament.  When I hear these Hours of my Passion, I hear my own voice, my own prayers.  In that soul I see my Will - that is, wanting the good of all and repairing for all - and I feel drawn to dwell in her, to be able to do what she herself does within her.  Oh, how I would love that even one single soul for each town did these Hours of my Passion!  I would hear Myself in each town, and my Justice, greatly indignant during these times, would be placated in part."

To repeat the Hours of the Passion always gives Jesus such a great satisfaction that as a reward He abundantly repays the soul with new light and glory, new graces on earth and in Heaven.

Vol. 11, November 4, 1914

"I was doing the Hours of the Passion and Jesus, all pleased, told me:“My daughter, if you knew what great satisfaction I feel in seeing you repeating these Hours of my Passion - always repeating them, over and over again - you would be happy.  It is true that my Saints have meditated on my Passion and have comprehended how much I suffered, melting in tears of compassion, so much so, as to feel consumed for love of my pains; but not in such a continuous way, and repeated many times in this order.  Therefore I can say that you are the first one to give Me this pleasure, so great and special, as you keep fragmenting within you - hour by hour - my life and what I suffered.  And I feel so drawn that, hour by hour, I give you this food and I eat the same food with you, doing what you do together with you.  Know, however, that I will reward you abundantly with new light and new graces; and even after your death, each time souls on earth will do these Hours of my Passion, in Heaven I will clothe you with ever new light and glory."

Whoever does the Hours of the Passion makes the Life of Jesus his own and takes His same responsibilities.

Vol. 11, November 6, 1914

"As I continued the usual Hours of the Passion, my lovable Jesus told me:
“My daughter, the world is in continuous act of renewing my Passion; and since my immensity envelopes everything, inside and outside the creatures, from their contact I am forced to receive nails, thorns, scourges, scorns, spit and all the rest which I suffered in the Passion - and still more.  Now, at the contact with souls who do these Hours of my Passion I feel the nails being removed, the thorns shattered, the wounds soothed, the spit taken away.  I feel I am repaid in good for the evil that others do to Me, and in feeling that their contact does no harm to Me, but good, I lean more and more on them.”
In addition to this, returning to speak about these Hours of the Passion, blessed Jesus said:
“My daughter, know that by doing these Hours the soul takes my thoughts and makes them her own; she takes my reparations, prayers, desires, affections, and even my most intimate fibers, and makes them her own.  And rising up between Heaven and earth, she does my same office, and as co-redemptrix, she says with Me:  ‘Ecce ego, mitte me  [Here I am, send me] - I want to repair for all, answer for all, and impetrate good for all’."

"More diffusion, more diffusion!"
These Hours are small sips of sweetness our souls can give to Jesus.
When a soul focuses it's mind in the life, passion and prayers of Jesus, the angels are around this soul to take it’s words, prayers, compassions, tears and offerings and uniting them to those of Jesus, they bring them to the Divine Majesty to renew in Jesus the glory of His own life.

Vol. 11, October 13, 1916

I was doing the Hours of the Passion, and blessed Jesus told me:
“My daughter, in the course of my mortal life, thousands and thousands of Angels were the cortege of my Humanity, gathering everything I did – my steps, my works, my words, and even my sighs, my pains, the drops of my Blood – in sum, everything.  They were the Angels in charge of my custody, and of paying Me honor; obedient to my every wish, they would rise to and descend from Heaven, to bring to the Father what I was doing.
Now these Angels have a special office, and as the soul remembers my Life, my Passion, my Blood, my wounds, my prayers, they come around this soul and gather her words, her prayers, her acts of compassion for Me, her tears and her offerings; they unite them to mine, and they bring them before my Majesty to renew for Me the glory of my own Life.
The delight of the Angels is so great that, reverent, they listen to what the soul says, and pray together with her.  So, with what attention and respect must the soul do these Hours, thinking that the Angels hang upon her lips to repeat after her what she says.”
Then He added:  “After the so many bitternesses that creatures give Me, these Hours are sweet little sips that souls give Me; but for the many bitter sips I receive, the sweet ones are too few.  Therefore, more diffusion, more diffusion!"

The Heavenly Father finds in Jesus His glory, complacency, and the most perfect satisfaction and love for the good of everyone, so He wants to find in the souls that, like other Jesus, resemble Him.

The soul must repeat Jesus’ intentions in every hour that it meditates on the Passion, in every action, in everything. Thus, Divine Justice will be appeased.

Vol. 11, December 9, 1916

"My daughter, do not increase my pains by worrying – they are already too many.  I do not expect this from you; on the contrary, I want you to make my pains, my prayers and all of Myself your own, in such a way that I may find in you another Me.  In these times I want great satisfactions, and only one who makes Me his own can give them to Me.

That which the Father found in Me – glory, delight, love, satisfactions whole and perfect, and for the good of all – I want to find in these souls, like as many other Jesuses that match Me.  These intentions you must repeat in each Hour of the Passion that you do, in each action – in everything.  If I do not find my satisfactions – ah, it is over for the world!  The scourges will pour down in torrents.  Ah, my daughter! Ah, my daughter!”  And He disappeared.

The world has lost its balance because it has lost the thought of the Passion of Jesus. It has done as a child who has not desired to recognize his mother or like a disciple who ignores his teacher and does not want to listen to his lessons. They will become pain to themselves, terror and sorrow for their society. This is what man has become: terror and pain, pain without mercy.

Vol. 11, February 2, 1917

As I was in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself, and I found my always lovable Jesus, all dripping with blood, with a horrible crown of thorns, looking at me with difficulty through the thorns. He told me:

"My daughter, the world has become unbalanced because it has lost the thought of my Passion.  In darkness, it has not found the light of my Passion which would illuminate it; and as it would make known to it my love and how much souls cost Me, it might turn to loving the One who has truly loved it; and the light of my Passion, guiding it, would put it on its guard against all dangers.  In weakness, it has not found the strength of my Passion which would sustain it.  In impatience, it has not found the mirror of my patience which would infuse in it calm and resignation; and in the face of my patience, feeling ashamed, it would make it its duty to dominate itself.  In pains, it has not found the comfort of the pains of a God which, sustaining its pains, would infuse in it love of suffering.  In sin, it has not found my sanctity which, placing itself in front of it, would infuse in it hate of sin.

Ah! man has made an abuse of everything, because in everything he has moved away from the One who could help him.  This is why the world has lost balance.  It behaved like a child who no longer wanted to recognize his mother; or like a disciple who, denying his master, no longer wanted to listen to his teachings, or learn his lessons.  What will happen to this child and to this disciple?  They will be the sorrow of themselves, and the terror and sorrow of society.  Such has man become – terror and sorrow; but a sorrow without pity.  Ah! man is getting worse and worse, and I cry over him with tears of blood!"

"These Hours are the order of the universe, they provide harmony between Heaven and earth, and force me to not destroy the world.”

When meditating on the Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, His blood, wounds, love and everything that He went through is to put in circulation of His own reparation for the salvation of all. It is as if the very life of Jesus was repeated again.

Vol. 12, May 16, 1917

Then I found myself outside of myself.  I was in the midst of many souls who were saying to me - they seemed to be purging souls and Saints, and were mentioning one person known to me, who died not too long ago - and they were saying to me:

"He (Jesus) feels as though happy in seeing that there is not one soul who enters Purgatory without carrying the mark of the Hours of the Passion; and surrounded by the cortege of these Hours and helped by them, souls take a safe place.  And there is not one soul who flies into Heaven without being accompanied by these Hours of the Passion.  These Hours make a continuous dew rain down from Heaven to earth, into Purgatory, and even into Heaven."

On hearing this, I said to myself:  "Maybe my beloved Jesus, in order to keep the word He had given - that for each word of the Hours of the Passion He would give a soul - there is not one soul whom He saves who does not benefit from these Hours."

Afterwards, I returned into myself, and as I found my sweet Jesus, I asked Him whether that was true. And He:

"These Hours are the order of the universe; they put Heaven and earth in harmony, and hold Me back from sending the world to ruin.  I feel my Blood, my wounds, my love, and everything I did, being placed in circulation; and they flow over all in order to save all.  And as souls do these Hours of the Passion, I feel my Blood, my wounds, my yearnings to save souls, being put on the way, and I feel my Life being repeated.  How could creatures obtain any good if not by means of these Hours?  Why do you doubt?  This thing is not yours, but mine.  You have been the strained and weak instrument."

For every word that the soul meditates of the Hours of the Passion, countless channels of communication are opened between the soul and God.

Vol. 12, July 12, 1918

I was praying for a dying soul with a certain fear and anxiety, and my lovable Jesus, on coming, told me:
"My daughter, why do you fear?  Don’t you know that for each word on my Passion, for each thought, compassion, reparation, memory of my pains, as many ways of electricity of communication open between Me and the soul, and therefore the soul keeps adorning herself with as many varieties of beauties?"

Saint Father Hannibal Di Francia, speaks of the Hours of the Passion (or Clock of the Passion).

Vol. 22, June 17, 1927

After this, I found myself outside of myself, and while looking for my sweet Jesus I encountered Father Di Francia.  He was all cheerful, and he told me:

"Do you know how many beautiful surprises I found?  I did not think it would be so when I was on earth, though I thought I had done good by publishing the Hours of the Passion.  But the surprises I found are marvelous, enchanting, of a rarity never before seen:  all the words regarding the Passion of Our Lord changed into light, one more beautiful than the other – all braided together; and these lights grow more and more as creatures do the Hours of the Passion, so more lights add to the first.  But what surprised me the most were the few sayings published by me about the Divine Will:  each saying changed into a sun, and these suns, investing all the lights with their rays, form such a surprise of beauty that one remains enraptured, enchanted.  You cannot imagine how surprised I was at seeing myself in the midst of these lights and these suns – how content I was; and I thanked our Highest Good, Jesus, who had given me the occasion and the grace to do it.  You too, thank Him on my behalf."