Benefits of meditating

on the Passion

of our lord Jesus Christ

in the writings of

Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta


Our Lord himself, in numerous occasions throughout the ages by means of all his saints, his most privileged souls, the Magisterium of the Church and, of course, through the writings of Luisa, «The Little Daughter of the Divine Will», has spoken of the transcendent importance of meditating on his passion, and not simply meditating on it but living out interiorly, intensively and continuously all that Jesus himself suffered for love of us.

The Passion of Christ is one of the most profitable sources in attempting to facilitate a more intimate union with our Lord and it traces a sure path toward holiness, as it is reminded in the Sacred Scriptures: "Be holy, for I am holy” (Lev. 11, 44). This is why meditating on the Passion of Jesus has been a favorite theme for many of the saints during the whole course of Church History. Even the second most read book after the Bible, overstresses:

“The religious who concerns himself intently and devoutly with our Lord's most holy life and passion will find there an abundance of all things useful and necessary for him. He need not seek for anything better than Jesus” (Thomas E. Kempis, THE IMITATION OF CHRIST, The Twenty-Fifth Chapter, BOOK ONE.)

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This is what St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort tells us in his book, “The Secret of the Rosary”:

« St. Augustine assures us that there is no spiritual exercise more fruitful or more useful than the frequent reflection on the
sufferings of our Lord. Blessed Albert the Great, who had St. Thomas Aquinas as his student, learned in a revelation that by simply thinking of or meditating on the passion of Jesus Christ, a Christian gains more merit than if he had fasted on bread and water every Friday for a year, or had beaten himself with the discipline once a week till blood flowed, or had recited the whole Book of Psalms every day»
("The secret of the rosary"  by Saint Louis Marie Grignion De Montfort, Twenty-eighth Rose, n. 88)


This is what Saint Alphonsus de Liguori tell us about the Passion of Christ:

« Our time is no time for fear as we are witnesses of a God who gave up His own life out of love for us. The Passion of Jesus was an excess of the love of God, so anyone who meditates on it, will follow Him to the end.

If you wish to advance in your spiritual life, think of the Lord’s sufferings every day, because by thinking of It, it is impossible not to be overwhelmed with love capable of making other effects relative when compared to his own, and strength to overcome with joy the inevitable burdens and trials of life.

Who could be hopeless or irritated by the injustice of his own sufferings when seeing Jesus wounded and broken? Who could refuse to yield to the demands of the common good when remembering that Christ became obedient even unto death? Who could be fearful if he embraces the cross of our Redeemer?

Saint Teresa lamented that some books had advised her to stop meditating on the passion because the humanity of Christ could prevent the contemplation of His divinity; aware of the error, she exclaimed: “O my good Lord, Jesus crucified, I seemed to have betrayed you so greatly, since, whence all blessings came to me but from your cross?”

St. Paul said that his sole ambition was to know the science of the cross, referring to the love that it contains: “For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified (1 Co 11,2)".

When Saint Bonaventure was asked where he got the copious and abundant doctrine that was found in his works, he said, showing a crucifix: “This is the book that tells me everything I write. Here I have learned what little I know”.

Would you hesitate to consecrate yourself entirely to your Redeemer if you really knew the mystery of the cross? How having He loved you to madness, still has not yet attained to govern over your heart? Keep in mind that, “He indeed died for all, so that those who live might no longer live for themselves but for him who for their sake died and was raised".»



Benefits of meditating

on the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ

in the writings of Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta



Jesus did everything that human beings should have done as well; if the soul answers back with the thought of his Passion it is repeating what Jesus himself did in his humanity, giving him great consolation.
Vol. 6, June 5, 1905

« My daughter, crosses, mortifications, are as many baptismal founts, and any kind of cross which is dipped in the thought of my Passion loses half of its bitterness and its weight decreases by half ...

What is not my consolation in seeing, redone in you, what my Humanity did many centuries ago.  In fact, everything which I established for each soul to do, was done in my Humanity before, and if the soul corresponds to Me, what I did for her she does again within herself; but if she does not, it remains done only in Me, and I feel an inexpressible bitterness. »

Continuous meditation of the sufferings of the Passion makes Jesus unpinned from the cross to be born in the person’s heart becoming a continuous nourishment for the soul and the soul for Jesus.
Vol. 7, November 9, 1906

Finding myself in my usual state, I was thinking about the Passion of Our Lord; and while I was doing this, He came and told me:

« My daughter, one who meditates continuously on my Passion and feels sorrow for it and compassion for Me, pleases Me so much that I feel as though comforted for all that I suffered in the course of my Passion; and by always meditating on it, the soul arrives at preparing a continuous food.  In this food there are many different spices and flavors, which form different effects.

So, if in the course of my Passion they gave Me ropes and chains to tie Me, the soul releases Me and gives Me freedom.  They despised Me, spat on Me, and dishonored Me; she appreciates Me, cleans Me of that spittle, and honors Me.  They stripped Me and scourged Me; she heals Me and clothes Me.  They crowned Me with thorns, mocking Me as king, embittered my mouth with bile, and crucified Me; while the soul, meditating on all my pains, crowns Me with glory and honors Me as her king, fills my mouth with sweetness, giving Me the most delicious food, which is the memory of my own works; and unnailing Me from the Cross, she makes Me rise again in her heart.  And every time she does so, I give her a new life of grace as recompense.  She is my food, and I become her continuous food.  So, the thing that pleases Me the most is meditating continuously on my Passion. »

Mary was completely full of God with the repeated thought of the Passion of Jesus.
Vol. 11, March 24, 1913

« My daughter, the thought of my Passion never escaped my dear Mama, and by dint of repeating it, she filled all of Herself with Me, completely.  The same happens to the soul:  by dint of repeating what I suffered, she arrives at filling herself with Me. »

In each thought of reparation and compasion of the Passion of Jesus, the soul takes light from His humanity making it similar to him. Each thought of his Passion will give more light to our eternal joy.
Vol. 11, April 23, 1916

« My daughter, each pain I suffered, each drop of Blood, each wound, prayer, word, action, step, etc., produced a light within my Humanity, which embellished Me in such a way as to keep all the Blessed enraptured.  Now, at each thought that the soul has about my Passion, at each act of compassion, reparation, etc., she does nothing other than draw light from my Humanity, and be embellished in my likeness.  So, each additional thought about my Passion will be one more light which will bring her eternal joy»

All the remedies that humanity needs are found in the life and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, however, people ignore them and consider them worthless or despicable. Although the remedies that humanity needs are found in the life and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ people ignore and reject them, this is why we can see that humans are dying like they are affected by an incurable illness, yet having all the spiritual gifts enclosed in his redemption .
Vol. 13, October 21, 1921

I was thinking about the Passion of my sweet Jesus, and upon coming, He told me:

« My daughter, every time the soul thinks about my Passion, remembers what I suffered, or compassionates Me, the application of my pains is renewed in her; my Blood rises to inundate her, and my wounds place themselves on the way to heal her if she is wounded, or to embellish her if she is healthy – and all my merits, to enrich her.

The traffic she produces is surprising - it is as if she placed everything I did and suffered in a bank, and collected twice as much.  In fact, everything I did and suffered is in continuous act of giving itself to man, just as the sun is in continuous act of giving light and heat to the earth.  My operating is not subject to exhaustion; if the soul just wants it so, and as many times as she wants it, she receives the fruit of my Life.  So, if she remembers my Passion twenty, a hundred - a thousand times, so many more times will she enjoy the effects of It.  But how few are those who treasure It!  With all the good of my Passion, one can see souls who are weak, blind, deaf, mute, crippled - living cadavers, such as to be disgusting - because my Passion is put into oblivion.  My pains, my wounds, my Blood, are strength that removes weaknesses, light that gives sight to the blind, tongue that loosens the tongues and opens the hearing, way that straightens the crippled, life that raises the cadavers.

All the remedies that are needed for the whole of humanity are in my Life and Passion.  But the creature despises the medicine and does not care about the remedies; and this is why one can see, in spite of my Redemption, the state of man perishing, as though affected by an incurable consumption.  But what grieves Me the most is to see religious people who tire themselves out in order to acquire doctrines, speculations, stories - but about my Passion, nothing.  So, many times my Passion is banished from the churches, from the mouths of the priests; therefore, their speech is without light, and the peoples remain more starved than before. »